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A Letter to Cooperative Partners
2008-3-11 16:27:47   [ Visitor NO.£º1223 ]
Dear suppliers, old and new customer friends:


  First, at the beginning of work after Spring Festival, we wish everyone happy new year and everything goes well.


  At the same time, we are grateful to you for your consistent concern, encouragement and support with which BIC has become ¡°Shenzhen High&New-Tech Enterprise¡± and got certain popularity in ink industry within short three years since its establishment in June of 2004.


The main business of BIC is to supply top-rank environment-friendly flexo printing ink (water-based ink, UV ink) and paper/ film coating (water varnish, UV varnish) to cigarette packaging printing, label printing, medical packaging printing, top-rank colorful box packaging printing, and so on.


In recent years, we are always proud of providing products and services to well-known printing customers in industry, such as Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kecai Printing Co., Ltd, Yantai Hongyu Co., Ltd, Guangdong Mancheong Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Lanjian Group Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co, Ltd, Shanghai Ziquan Packing Co., Ltd, Huizhou Alcan Propack Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Yutong Printing and Packing Co., Ltd, and Kobe Printing Equipment (HK) Co., etc.. Their requirements of high quality for our goods play a significant role in promoting our technology. We deeply realize that customer is first. Customers give us development suggestions, concern and encourage us, and offer concrete requirements, business and return, so that we expand our business and get progress constantly. At the same time, because of supplier friends¡¯ understanding and full support, we overcome technical difficulties one after another. Here, BIC General Manager Fengnian Zhang, on behalf of all staff, wishes all old and new customer and supplier friends Happy New Year.


We deeply convinced: as long as we keep up with customers¡¯ development, we will not drop behind the times. Meanwhile, every excellent enterprise has its own outstanding culture and advanced management mechanism which can be learnt and borrowed from each other in different fields. Therefore, in the coming year, BIC will not only work with more efforts to offer better products and services, but place emphasis upon learning from cooperative partners as well. We plan to invite parts of customers and suppliers to give lectures in the coming year. In order to create a more competitive value chain, we will communicate, exchange thoughts and strengthen cooperation. We believe that BIC will play an important role in the value chain and go far in return for our cooperative partners.


We hope we¡¯ll be aggressive and innovative. Let¡¯s join hands to get a splendid success!


Shenzhen Bright Ink& Coating Co., Ltd.


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